Our Story 

MAG Retail Group has built the largest team of online retailers of motorcycle parts and accessories by being passionate about our "customer first" philosophy.  We are fueled by brands that are highly recognized in the industry and have a rich tradition in providing service second to none.


Motorcycle Superstore was founded by Don Becklin in 1998 from the attic of his grandfather’s house in the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon. Don was racing motorcycles and dreaming of starting his own business. By integrating his passion for motorcycles with an intuitive understanding of the Internet, Motorcycle Superstore was born, turning a dream into reality.

By 2000, the business moved out of the attic and immersed itself into the Southern Oregon economy with a bustling warehouse, corporate office and competitive retail outlet. Shortly after, a rapidly growing customer base necessitated yet another expansion into four separate facilities to house the growing enterprise. From humble beginnings, Motorcycle Superstore has since grown into the premier motorcycle apparel, parts and accessories retailer in the United States.


J&P Cycles was founded by John Parham in the scenic hills of Eastern Iowa. John was bitten by the motorcycle bug early in his life. His enthusiasm led to a partnership in a small motorcycle shop from 1975 to 1979. In 1979 he and his wife, Jill, established J. Parham Enterprises, Inc., the predecessor to the present J&P Cycles, Inc. During this time, John still worked full-time and followed his "hobby" in the evening and weekends. In 1982 John was laid off from his factory job. Two years later, in 1984, their small motorcycle shop burned to the ground.

When they easily could have given up, they didn't! Instead, they decided to rebuild the shop, and run the business full-time. Today, J&P Cycles has 3 retail locations, attends dozens of motorcycling events each year, and reaches millions of customers worldwide from their website. They provide thousands of parts, accessories and apparel options for Harley-Davidson and V-Twin Cruiser motorcycle riders.